Welcome to RTS Canada, a Canadian Rubinstein-Taybi Syndrome Parent Support Group.


RTS Canada was established in January 1998.

The purpose of RTS Canada is:
To facilitate communications between Canadian RTS families by:

  • Providing a means by which Canadian RTS Parents can exchange information about their RTS children, about what works, and about what doesn’t work
  • Providing a means by which Canadian RTS families can get to know other Canadian RTS children and so that they can understand that they are not alone in living with an RTS child

To provide assistance to new and more experienced Canadian RTS families by:

  • Providing information on the latest RTS related research and development
  • Providing information on upcoming events which may be of interest to Canadian RTS families
  • Acting as a focal point for issues, problems, and items of interest which may need to be researched, resolved and communicated on behalf of one or more Canadian RTS family.

How will RTS Canada accomplish all of this?
In the fullness of time, we plan to accomplish the above by:

  • Publishing regular newsletters to assist in facilitating communications
  • Supporting the use of the Internet RTS Emailing List (email support network) where families can quickly exchange RTS related information with other RTS families from all over the world
  • Pursuing strong ties with the American RTS Parent Support Group as well as other similar organizations
  • Accessing available private and public funding sources to assist us in carrying out RTS Canada’s activities
  • Designing, populating, and publishing (hard copy and Internet) databases which contain family, health care resources, and common ailments and remedies information